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Where The Earth Pantry Came From...

In my heart since 2018...

Into reality in 2022!

The Earth Pantry has been in my heart since 2018 when I discovered the effects that plastic waste has on our oceans, our soil, and our health. This lit a fire inside me to eliminate as much plastic waste as I can and to inspire others to do the same. That fire then translated into several ideas from blogging to scuba diving, and has finally landed on

The Earth Pantry.

Eliminating plastic waste can be tricky, overwhelming, and inconvenient, but it does not have to be!

The Earth Pantry's mission is to help show you how to find sustainable alternatives in a convenient & life-friendly way that doesn't break your bank account!

You will find that eating organic and clean foods, using non-toxic soaps and body products, and swapping out the single-use, plastic items from your home will help you to feel clean, safe, and satisfied!

The Earth Pantry has strong values in curating and creating products with strong values in ethical sourcing, organic materials, supporting small/local businesses, and plastic-free packaging.

Why a bus?

This store is being built on a bus for those individuals who may not have transportation, or for those families that have busy schedules to where they do not have time to go to the store, to have access to high-quality household items.

I live in the middle of a food desert, and it has come to my attention, that more people are hungrier than I ever thought. I didn't realize that access to food is so poor, especially in the USA. In addition, to the low store count, the quality of "cheap" food is exceptionally poor. Health begins with what we put in our bodies. We will provide clean, and chemical-free products at a reasonable price, so that ALL families can have access to health. 

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